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Funny Blonde Jokes

Know a sexy blonde? Know a dumb blonde? We know some too and we have Blonde Jokes all about them! We have these Blonde Jokes for you to rate and enjoy. Check out our Blonde Jokes links to get started with your laughs!

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Free Funny Blonde Jokes

3 blondes walk into a bar and tell the waiter to bring them 10 glasses and a bottle of wine.

The 3 women begin to shout 56 days. The waiter is wondering what is going on.

Later 4 more blonde women join them. They pick up a glass of wine and also begin to chant 56 days.

Then 3 more blondes walk in. One is carrying a picture of some thing. They pick up the last three glasses of wine and also begin to chant 56 days.

The waiter is still wondering what is going on so he walks over.

He looks at the picture. Then he asks, "Why do you have a picture of Cookie monster and why are you chanting 56 days?"

One of the blondes said, "On the side of the puzzle box it says 3-6 years but we put it together in 56 days!!"