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The man had heard that there was a whorehouse with an unusual reputation for the bizarre. So he visited the place and, once inside, asked the madam if she had anything unusual for him to try.

"Things are pretty slow today," she said, "but I do have one number you might enjoy." She then described a special imported hen that had been trained to give blow jobs.

"We've got her here, but only for the day."

The man could hardly believe it, but he paid the fee and went into a room where the hen was waiting. After a frustrating hour of trying to force his cock into the hen's mouth and another hour of desperately trying to enter the hen from the rear, he figured that he was dealing with nothing but a plain old chicken. He left disgruntled.

The man decided to return the next day to see if any new diversions were being offered at the whorehouse.

The madam said, "Come this way." And she led him to a dark room where a group of men were looking through a one-way mirror. The man saw that they were watching a girl trying to make it with a dog.

"Wow!" he said to the man standing next to him. "This is really great!"

The other man replied, "Man, this ain't nothin'! You shoulda been here yesterday and seen the guy with the chicken."

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