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There once was an Asian woman who married a French man and they lived in Paris.

Unfortunately the woman did not speak alot of french but was able to communicate with her husband regardless. Grocery shopping was her worst nightmare.

One day the woman needed a pork roast for supper. She went to the butcher but was unable to make the butcher understand what she wanted. She lifted her skirt and showed the man her thigh. The butcher handed her a pork roast.

The following day the woman needed chicken breasts. Again not being able to be understood by the butcher the woman unbuttoned her blouse and showed the butcher her breasts. Understanding immediately the butcher gave the woman two chicken breasts.

The following week the woman needed sausages. This time the woman brought her husband with her to the butcher.

What do you think happened?

Her husband spoke french...he simply asked for them.

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