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Funny Little Johnny Jokes

Poor Little Johnny always seems to be in trouble with somebody... his teachers... his parents... almost anybody... but no matter what, Little Johnny Jokes will make you laugh! Have some laughs while you rate them for us! Check out our Little Johnny Jokes links to get started with your laughs!

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Free Funny Little Johnny Jokes

Little Johnny kept disrupting his class by letting out loud farts, so his teacher kept him after school.

"Why do you do it?" she frowned.

"Cos I can do it better than anyone and I'm proud of it," said Johnny.

"If I show you I can fart better than you," asked the teacher, "will you stop?"

Johnny agreed, so the teacher placed two piles of chalk dust on the floor. Little Johnny dropped his pants, squatted and with a mighty toot blew away all but the tiniest speck of dust.

Then the teacher dropped her panties, lifted her skirt, squatted and farted - blowing all the dust away.

"No wonder you won!" screamed Johnny. "You've got a double barred!"